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Mrs. Young's Music Room

In the music room...
We sing, play games, read music, read books, move and play instruments. We practice working together through games, songs, ensemble work and performances. We listen to each other and respect the opinions and creations of each other. We value the wonderment of childhood and the joy and beauty of music. We value the self-discipline is takes to anything!
During the year in music...
  • Students will perform by using good technique with their voices and with instruments.
  • Students will create by applying musical ideas in their own unique ways.
  • Students will respond by experiencing new musical ideas such as dynamics, tempo, form, rhythm, melody and tone color. 
  • Students will connect by describing how music is a part of their lives during holidays and special events and in their own personal preference and enjoyment of music.
Music Education Grade Level Expectations...
Music GLEs
2020 Colorado Academic Standards for Music Education