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First Grade Team



Our reading curriculum, BLAST, provides lessons that are designed to teach letter-sound correspondence, phonemic and phonological awareness, high-frequency word fluency, phonics knowledge, and spelling. These elements of reading promote strong decoding and fluent, accurate reading.



  Literacy Lab: Building a community of Readers and Writers

Literature Genre Lab: Family Stories & Families

Informational Research Lab: Wild and Endangered Animals

Argumentative Lab - Plants  



Bridges to Mathematics

Unit 1: Numbers All Around us

Unit 2: Developing Strategies with Dice and Dominos

Unit 3: Adding, Subtracting, Counting, and Comparing

Unit 4: Leap Frogs on the Number Line

Unit 5: Geometry

Unit 6: Figure the Facts with Penguins

Unit 7: One Hundred and Beyond

Unit 8: Changes, Changes

End of First Grade Expectations 

Reading: Students will read a minimum of 55 words per minute, in a standard first grade passage, with fluency and comprehension. They will apply phonics skills, spelling rules, context clues, & other taught skills and strategies, to decode unfamiliar words and understand content.

Writing: Students will write an expository paragraph using a topic sentence, big ideas, supporting details and a conclusion. Students will write an organized piece of narrative writing that includes a beginning, middle and end. Students will also gain an understanding of many types of writing including poetry, opinion writing, response to literature and much more.

Math: Students will be proficient at the first grade level in number sense, computation, geometry and data analysis.
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