BPS LIBRARY INTRODUCTION

Thank you for visiting the BPS Library Webpage.  I am Mrs. Darla Butero, and I have been teaching information literacy/library skills here at BPS (and BES) for the last nineteen years. I cherish the daily opportunity to introduce kids to books that they may enjoy. Nothing can compare to hearing children laugh about something they saw or read in a book except the excitement that bubbles forth from children as they share some fact or idea that they discovered within the pages of a book.  One of the main goals of the BPS Library is to foster a love of books and reading in our BPS Students. Another goal is to have our BPS students use technology responsibly to practice technology and literacy skills. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns at [email protected] .                       

                                          HOW PARENTS CAN HELP STUDENTS  

  • Please help your children keep their BPS Library books well cared for by helping them to remember the book care rules:
    • keep books away from the reach of pets
    • keep books away from the reach of younger children
    • keep books away from water and weather
    • handle books with care turning pages from the top corner
    • never dog-ear a page instead mark your place using a bookmark or clean scrap of paper
    • do not eat or drink while reading a library book
    • use clean hands to read a book
    • return books on time  
  • Your child has been provided a 2.5 gallon bag to protect their library book from dirt, wet mittens, food, crayons, pencils, water bottles, and other items that may damage the book inside the student's backpack.
  • Your child's book will be due approximately two weeks from the day that it was checked out.  The due date is the last date in the list of dates stamped on the salmon colored card in the book pocket found inside the front or back cover of our library books.  
  • A student can select a new book each week if the student remembers to return the previously checked out book. Keeping library books safely inside the students' library bag and their backpack when it is not actually being read, allows students to have the book at school ready to return to the library.
  • There are not overdue fees, but students/parents will be responsible for the replacement fees for lost or badly damaged books.
  • PARENTS ARE NEEDED TO HELP STUDENTS WRITE WISH LISTS DURING THE FALL AND SPRING BPS SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRS.  Please watch this posting and the principal newsletter for those dates.

                                                              BPS Library/Computer Classes -

Kindergarten: Kindergarten classes are on a four day rotation schedule for Explore Classes. In almost every class period, students listen to a book being read aloud and respond to that book along with the following lessons;  
  • Instruction on how to be a good listener and library expectations
  • School and Library Manners are read about and emphasized through a variety of activities.
  • Book Care Activities and Practice taking care of books in the library
  • How to treat a Chromebook and log in
  • Learning to swipe and precision click on web pages, items, or apps
  • Practice removing books from the library shelves using a shelf marker stick
  • Parts of a book activities
  • Author and Illustrator songs and activities
  • Beginning in January:  Checking out books to take to the classroom and then home to enjoy and take care of them
  • What a librarian's job is 
  • A variety of authors/illustrators are read and responded to using various activities 
First Grade: First Grade classes are on a four day rotation schedule for Explore Classes. We often read books and respond to them along with the following lessons:
  • Lessons on how to be a good listener and library expectations
  • Book care and library procedures are revisited with a variety of activities
  • Practice taking care of books in the library and check out procedures
  • Reviewing parts of a Chromebook and how to treat a Chromebook and login
  • Ways to activate page scrolling on a Chromebook
  • Trouble-shooting Chromebook search key popup, popup menus, page freezing, closing a window tab  on the Chromebook screen
  • Practicing precision with using a touchpad mouse while practicing literacy or math skills
  • Learning to drag and drop with touchpad mouse while practicing literacy, or math, coding, or engineering skills
  • Beginning keyboarding practice
  • Parts of a book including the cover, spine, spine label, title page, table of contents, glossary, and index
  • The Differences between Fiction and Nonfiction books
  • Practice determining Fiction and Nonfiction books
  • Practice on how we access different types of books in the library
  • Caldecott Awards are introduced and a variety of Caldecott winning books are read and responded to
Second Grade:  Second-grade classes are on a four day rotation schedule for Explore Classes. We often read books and respond to them, we review and use skills from previous years along with the following lessons:
  • More self-evaluation of what a "just right" book for my level looks like
  • Using the 5-finger rule to find a "just right" chapter book 
  • Learning the parts of a nonfiction book through modeling and hands on activities
  • Locating materials using the online library catalog and call number of the book

HELPFUL LINKS for Parents and Students:

Local Libraries:

BSD Online Library Catalog     


        Pine River Library


               Durango Public Library

               Ignacio Library

 Read Online Books for kids:  
           (Pine River Library card needed for first login on a device)

 Book Review Websites:

              Common Sense Media

         Good Reads

             Children's Book Review

              Lexile Framework for Reading

Vocabulary Practice:  Freerice.com



Thank you to all parents and guardians who volunteered at our BPS Fall Scholastic Book Fair. Also a big thanks to those who purchased at and donated to our book fair. We were able to gift a new book to many kids who could not afford a book.  We will also be able to purchase about $1700 in new books for our BPS Library.